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Did you know that there is a secret garden on Queens Road?  If you go through the gate you enter a totally unexpected magical, open, green space in the heart of the City.

Photo by Sally

A garden in the heart of the City, hidden from view by the surrounding houses.

Hidden from view by the houses which surround it, these private allotment gardens are a special hideaway where people grow vegetables, fruit and flowers, but also keep chickens and bees, paint, make wine, mix socially and relax– in other words, a community – different people with a common interest .

Due to the particular heritage of the land, they look and feel different from other allotments, and are a haven for wildlife.  Although privately owned, many local people with small gardens rent plots, and there is a healthy waiting list.

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Check out Bill Newsinger’s final video funded by the Heritage Lottery fund. It pulls together the main themes running throughout our heritage project and gives you an overview of life on the allotments.


4 Responses to Welcome

  1. I have spent a lovely afternoon reading your website….it is so interesting and I wish my allotment site would the same thing. Congratulations on such an achievement.

  2. andrewlewis139787232 says:

    Just found the site after an email from my dad, Den Lewis. Had a quick browse through the photos – brought back lots of memories of when I used to visit the allotments every Saturday with my grandad, Bill Lewis. In those days we used to have a small bonfire every Saturday in a different spot near the main driveway and Bill would wait until the next week to scatter the ashes from the previous fire onto the driveway. In those days it was not grassy as it is now, but gravelly and dry.

  3. Claire Barnes says:

    Please can you get Lynne Slipper to email me or text me (07729945919) as I need her as a referee. Thank you, Claire Barnes.
    P.S. Great site!

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